You may never have heard of it but you will find Allantoin in all the best skincare products

“Does Allantoin really have anti-ageing properties?

Comfrey - the source of Allantoin Allantoin? Never heard of it? Well maybe not but as I will show in this article it is a key skincare product that has some very big benefits. Specifically we are going to look at it’s anti-aging properties, how it promotes healthy skin growth, and why it is so good for damaged and sensitive skin. Comfrey is a herb that has been used for natural and homeopathic healing through the centuries and is the primary source of Allantoin. It is most densely found in the leaves, which traditionally are crushed and used in combination with other ingredients to create medicines and skincare products.

Allantoin the anti-ageing secret ingredient

Anti-ageing properties are of course one of the holy grails of the cosmetics and skincare industries. Allantoin is one ingredient that does have proven scientific results in replacing older cells with newer ones and promoting skin regeneration. It has a gently exfoliating effect which reaches deep into the skin to soothe and promote cell growth. It also attract moisture to the skin and thus helps in the overall hydration of the skin. Next we will look at healthy skin and how Allantoin can play a key role in achieving it.

Allantoin and it’s power to promote healthy skin

The Comfrey plant from which Allantoin is derived has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for healing bones, muscles, cartilage and skin, as well as reducing bruising. It is the same property of encouraging the growth of new cells that gives it this medicinal power. This is one of the reasons that Allantoin is regularly found on the ingredients list of higher quality skincare products, such as our Summer Breeze hydrating body mist, which combine the skin cell regeneration qualities with other ingredients to give a real rejuvenating effect to the skin.

Allantoin helps to soothe and smoothe

There is another major property that Allantoin has though, and that is as a soothing and smoothing skin softener. It is anti-inflammatory and so tackles puffy eyes and dark circles as well as helping to reduce wrinkles, so it’s great for the eyes. The combination of these properties, promoting anti ageing, healthy skin growth and as a soothing anti-inflammatory, mean that Allantoin is a very effective ingredient in good skincare products. The fact that it is not more widely recognised is perhaps surprising, but there again it’s nice to have a bit of inside knowledge isn’t it?

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