Be young, be happy, but don’t forget your skincare

skincare tips for the young

Your childhood, teenage, and young adult years have their highs and lows, but ultimately it is the time when you have the most natural energy and want to enjoy yourself. That’s as it shold be, but there are certain skincare habits you can get in to at a young age that will pay dividends in later life.

In this article we will look specifically at 3 areas where you can make a major investment in your skincare future, which are developing healthy lifestyle habits, protecting yourself from the sun, and being aware of what you are applying to your body.

A healthy lifestyle leads to good skincare

When you are young you want to be having fun as much as you can. It is up to parents to instil in their children the good lifestyle habits that will pay benefits in future years.

Plenty of exercise is good for  all aspects of physical and mental development and is also particularly important for skincare. A healthy circulation leads to a good oxygenated blood supply to the skin, which allows it to regenerate it’s cells efficiently.

Similarly, getting into the habit of regularly drinking water or natural fruit juices is great for skincare, and gives the body and the skin one of it’s most important raw materials in maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion.

A good and healthy diet, rich in fruit and vegetables is also key to providing those raw materials that the skin and body need for healthy development.

One other skincare habit to get into as young as possible, especially for teenage girls, is to remove their makeup before they go to bed. Clogged pores only lead to more problems down the road, so as they learn about makeup they should also be taught a good cleansing routine.

These are fine general habits to get into, but there is one skincare area that needs special mention …

Have fun in the sun, but don’t forget your skincare

One of the great things about being young is exploring the outdoors with friends and family. The more you explore, the more you learn, and all young people should be encouraged to do so.

Being in direct sunlight can be bad for your skin though, harming the collagin and elastin that lead to firm and supple skin. The answer is of course to use a high quality sunscreen – facor 30 or more is recommended.

The sooner young people learn to slap on the sunscreen before they go out and about the better will be their skin as their body matures with age.

Choosing a sunscreen with UVA and UVB filters is very important, and that leads on to our final point …

Always check the label – know what you are putting on your body.

As young people mature they become more conscious of their appearance and their appeal to the opposite sex. This leads to a fascination with beauty products that purport to make you irresistable.

For makeup, skincare, haircare and any other product applied to the body it is important to develop the habit of reading the ingredients on the label.

Just because a celebrity has endorsed a skincare product, or it has a catchy name or high profile advert doesn’t mean that the product itself is necessarily high quality.

Always check for natural ingredients and compliance with health and safety legislation before purchasing a product.

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself as you grow up, (but don’t forget your skincare).


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