Skincare tips: How to treat fine lines and wrinkles

The most commonly held view is that over exposure to the sun is the factor most responsible for the development of fine lines and wrinkles. There are other factors that contribute though, such as the use of the eye muscles to squint, and other muscles to frown or pucker the lips, and smoking.  That being said, what is the best way of dealing with those annoying lines?

For really fine lines it is a good idea to use exfoliants that contain Retinol. Exfoliants tend to soften the skin, and therefore make the fine lines less noticeable. Retinol, derived from Vitamin A is a substance that stimulates the production of Collagen, which is important for sustaining a firm skin texture.

Another great skincare tip that not a lot of people do is to use sunscreen everyday. This protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Look for an SPF of 15 or more for a good level of protection.


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