Skin hydration and why you should use a hydrating moisturizer

Using a hydrating moisturizer and keeping your skin hydratedUsing a hydrating moisturizer is one good way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, but there are many other things that you can do as well to keep yourself hydrated and glowing.  Living a life that doesn’t harm your skin is one major lifestyle choice you can make.  Below are some areas you could think about to help achieve this.

Always use a good quality hydrating moisturizer such as Summer Breeze on your skin but also remember to hydrate your body on the inside too by drinking plenty of water.

If you have a strong objection to drinking water, check your skin’s condition. It may well be dry, or feels tight, or appears flaky. Your skin is talking to you and you can be sure that a glass of water is much better for you than a bottle of diet soda! 

Water aids in the circulation of the blood, excretion of wastes, and digestion of foods and nutrients. If you don’t perspire much, or if you don’t produce much urine, you might be building up toxins inside your body. Support your blood circulation by drinking water regularly and you will not only see your skin getting taut, clear and bright, you will also be helping your system eliminate these hazardous materials.

Using a hydrating moisturizer helps to rehydrate your skin from the outside and can help lock in moisture to your skin using ingredients called humectants. Some naturally occuring humectants are aloe vera and glycerin and honey. so look out for these on the ingredients list for skincare products.

Reduce Alcohol Intake and Stop Smoking

Both Alcohol and Nicotine have zero positive benefits for your body, so stop treating your body as a dumping ground for the chemical garbage that comes from smoking and excessive alcohol drinking.  If you cannot stop it altogether, try reducing it day by day.  You will soon see the benefit in your skin’s condition and it may help you kick the habit in the longer term.

Eat the Right Foods

Eat healthy foods and you will take a giant leap in keeping your skin healthy.  Increase your consumption of whole grains, nuts, red and green vegetables, vitamin C-rich citrus fruits and seafood for a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.

Check the ingredients on your hydrating moisturizer

Don’t be fooled by hydrating moisturizer product advertisements that are only out  to make money.  Examine the skin products you are using and do some research about the chemicals they contain.  If you find something there that endangers your skin health, throw it in the bin.  There’s no using it while you are doing your skin harm.  Examine the ingredients of your skin hydrating moisturizer and other skin products you are using and see if they meet the applicable safety requirements.

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