What All Women Should Know About Retinol

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There is much hype about Retinol, which is often touted as a “wonder” or “magic” ingredient of beauty products but does it really live up to this reputation? There are a few important things every woman should know about Retinol which are discussed below and which should help you make an informed decision about the skincare products you buy.

What is Retinol?

Simply put, it is the form of Vitamin A found in our skin. It is an important part of the skin’s biochemistry that helps rejuvenate and make our skin look healthy. That is why it is often included as an ingredient in skincare products. On application to the skin it actually converts to Retinoic Acid which is the stronger form and actually does the good work.

As a natural part of the diet Retinol is also important for good vision. Common dietary sources of Retinol and Vitamin A are dairy products, eggs, liver and dark coloured fruit.

How does Retinol work?

Upon application Retinol has an almost immediate effect on the upper layer of the skin, also known as the epidermis or epithelial layer, making it look light and rejuvenated. It helps to reduce wrinkles in the upper layer, hence why it is so often included in skincare products.

Retinol also penetrates to the lower layers of the skin and has been proven to help in the production of collagen, which helps the skin maintain it’s elasticity.

Are there down sides to Retinol as a skincare product?

Retinol has some components that break down in sunlight, so the best advice is to use it overnight rather than during the daytime. This is why it is often found in night creams.

Some people react badly to retinol in skincare products, resulting in redness of the skin or blotchiness, so it is best go sparingly to start with and make sure you don’t have an adverse reaction.

If you start by applying it sparingly and gradually increase your usage your skin should gradually get used to the Retinol in your skincare product, and this will minimise the sensitivity.

So these are some of the important things you need to know about Retinol; what it actually is, how it works, and what some of the downsides are. It is an important and potentially very beneficial ingredient in skincare products and one you should consider carefully before applying to your skin.


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